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8:07 tonight and the toll plaza was empty, as the bay bridge closes for the long holiday weekend, and the eastern span is closed for good. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. history in the making. the bridge was shut down two hours ago, as caltrans completes the work on the new eastern span. when traffic returns, drivers will be crossing a $6.4 billion bridge. >> they started diverting
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traffic just after 7:00 tonight. the highway patrol ran traffic breakses. then officers set up road ramps at all the access roads that lead to the bridge from oakland and emeryville and from across the bay in san francisco. >> news chopper 2 was overhead for the closure. right now, we have live team coverage. ken wayne is live in the north bay at a major traffic bottle neck. noel walker is in san francisco, where she saw drivers being turned away. we begin with eric rasmussen live at the toll plaza where work has been going on for two hours. >> reporter: this all got started as soon as the chp officially closed off bridge to traffic at 8:03 p.m. the two main jobs tonight are demolition and grinding. we've got a front row seat. grinders are working on tearing up the surface of the road here
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on the oakland side of the bridge. they tell us crews will have torn up 1.2 square miles of road. it is all part of the carefully choreographed plan to get the new span open to traffic no later than tuesday morning. before that work could start though, we got to witness a little bit of history. the toll for this ford model a, $4. but it has the priceless opportunity to be the last car through the old span of the bay bridge. the major task of shutting down the bridge began more than an hour earlier. officers slowly reduced the flow of traffic. from the rooftop of the toll plaza, we could see some cars actually pulled over to the shoulder, trying to wait out the clock. instead, bob had made arrangements earlier this week to be the last car on the 76-
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year-old structure, yet even he says he's ready for the future. >> am i going to miss the old bridge? i don't think so. don't miss anything old. something new is always enjoyable. >> reporter: here's another look at the work that started minutes after authorities closed the bridge tonight. during this project, there will be 2,000 truck loads of asphalt coming in. 3,000 truck loads of debris going out. in the last hour, bay bridge authorities held a briefing to give us a progress report. they say so far it's going as planned. the chp also weighed in tonight, warning drivers over the next five days, do not cross any of those road blocks even to ask questions. they're urging everybody to plan ahead this holiday weekend. eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. across the bay in san francisco, traffic was heavy
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for the last evening commute before the closure. >> thousands of drivers waited in traffic to get on the span, adjustment as they do each day. tonight, they crossed that old eastern span for the very last time. this video was shot by randy diecen. from this shot, you can see off to the left, the new eastern span, as crews continue to work ahead of next week's opening. >> here is a peek of what the drive should look like on the new eastern span. caltrans created this animation, it gives the perspective, heading east toward oakland. >> our team coverage continues now with noel walker, live in san francisco, where she witnessed some of the last vehicles making it to the bridge, while others were turned away. >> as promised, these barricades went right up at 8:00 sharp. we have officers directing people around these barricades. most drivers fought traffic in
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order to get on this onramp before it closed. but a few didn't. >> where are you going? >> reporter: at 8:00 sharp, the barricades went up. >> they just closed it. >> they closed it like 15 minutes ago. >> i'll just go around, because i missed it. >> you just missed it. >> reporter: the preparation started hours earlier. as crews got ready for the big closure, drivers got on the road. >> traffic is awesome. >> reporter: the afternoon rush hour was bumper to bumper, with drivers trying to beat that 8:00 deadline. >> can you believe this? labor day weekend, and they're going to close it. >> reporter: some less annoyed, and more nostalgic about the trip. >> i'm ready for the new one to open, because i drive it every day. >> reporter: it looked like a picture post guard. >> this is like saying goodbye
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to an old friend. >> reporter: barbara is just a few years younger than the bridge. we talked to sal castaneda, and his daughter savannah getting a little nostalgic too. >> i want to show her, hey, we were here. >> reporter: a moment in time. >> you're going to be one of the last ones over the bridge. >> reporter: and in with the new. occasionally, we'll let them see a car go through. the only people allow are people holding passes for treasure island. noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more denails now on the timing of the -- details now on the timing of the closure. the east and west spans of bridge are closed. the eastern span is expected to open no earlier than next
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tuesday at 5:00 a.m. if the work is done sooner, it could open sooner. people who live south of market near the freeway, and the entrance to the bridge, they see an upside, because with the bridge closure, obviously there won't be much traffic or much noise that comes with that traffic. >> chaos today. >> pedicab drivers are also looking forward to the closure. but for folks on the corridor, they can expect to see more traffic than usual. our coverage continues throughout this newscast. ahead at 10:30, we'll check bag in with eric rasmussen for a life update from the bridge. then later, ken live from the north bay, with one area that will likely be a major choke
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point for traffic over the next five days. today, presidents past and present gathered in washington, d.c. to mark the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. it was on this day in 1963, dr. martin luther king shared his dream of the american future. >> when all of god's children, black men, and white men, jews and gentiles, protestants and catholics will be able to join hands. >> more than 2,000 people heard the historic address as they crowded together on the national mall in the sweltering august heat. today's events were rich in historic symbolism, as kraig
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bosswell reports. >> reporter: bells range out at the let freedom ring commemoration at the exact hour dr. martin luther king jr. delivered his now famous vision. the unforgettable voice paved the way for this moment. president obama, the nation's first black president, spending exactly where dr. king stood, reflecting on the progress and the work that remains. >> no one can match king's brilliance, but the same flame that let the heart of all who were willing to take the first step for justice, i know that flame remains. >> jim crow had a son called james crow jr. esquire. he writes voting suppression laws, and puts it in language that looks different but the results are the same. >> reporter: standing between three presidents on one side, and the king family on another, congressman john lewis, the
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last surviving speaker of the '63 march, challenged the nation, as dr. king did to make good on its promise. >> unemployment, poverty, and hunger, or the new struggle for voting rights. i say to each one of you today, we must never, ever give up. >> reporter: president obama and others pointed out the original march was about jobs and justice. noting the unemployment for blacks is almost twice the national average. >> more details now about the march. the sound system was sabotaged the night before. then lieutenant kennedy had them repair the sound still. this month president obama announced rusten will receive the medal of freedom post
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humorously. washington closed down liquor stores fearing the march would lead to violence. but it turns out there were no arrests at the march. coming up tonight, the voices of those who say the country has not moved far enough toward king's dream. new details on that surf school instructor in santa cruz charged with possession of child pornography. police say dylan grinner was inappropriately taking photos of young girls at the swim horse swim school. grinner was a volunteer there. so far, investigators have identified more than a dozen victims in this case. more charges could be in store for convicted murderer, joseph naso. the 79-year-old was found guilty of killing for women in the 1970s and 1990s. now prosecutors want to tie him to the murder of sharaleah patton. prosecutors are hoping to
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include patton's murder as evidence that naso should be given the death penalty. a fast food fight could be coming to a drivethrough near you and the action planned for tomorrow. >> the temperature bump you can expect tomorrow. >> paralyzed from the waist down. investigators say it's a case of road rage. after the break, the hope he is now sharing from his hospital bed.
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live look now at interstate 80 in oakland, off to the right hand side, you can see the ramp heading toward the bay bridge, it would normally have cars driving all across. but tonight, it is almost empty there, except for caltrans vehicles. about eight hours now, fast food workers from richmond to fremont plan to join in a protest. but what they're asking for has enough been done in their business before. >> reporter: workers say they're planning protests tomorrow. i spoke with one worker who says he's walking off the job to make a point. bay area fast food workers are entering a fight which started on the east coast. 19-year-old jason hughes wants people to walk in his shoes. >> i can't live on that.
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i have to debate, whether i'm going to buy food that night, or if i'm going to take bus the next morning. >> reporter: he doesn't plan to come to work tomorrow. it's part of a nationwide strike to form a union for fast food workers and to raise the minimum wage. other bay area cities have recently boosted their minimum wage. san francisco went up to $10.55 an hour. san jose this year went up to 10. fast food workers in the east bay, say they want $15 an hour. >> i love my job. i love the customers, i love the people i work with. >> restaurant owners have to raise their prices at least a third just to break even. >> reporter: but the california restaurant association says minimum wage is meant as a starting point only. saying the majority of those earners are part time, and under the age of 25. >> i think it's good. i think it should be raised. considering the cost of living in the bay area. >> i understand the need for a
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living wage. but $15 an hour, come on. outrageous. >> reporter: organizers have three protests planned tomorrow, they plan to gather in oakland, starting at 6:30 a.m. live tonight in fremont, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. now to our continuing coverage of the rim fire. the rescue wing sent us video of the air drop. crews have done this more than 400 times. the fire is now 30% contained, but it's still growing, now covering 192,000 acres. that's about 300 square miles. also, a predator drone was used, and provided a look in realtime of flare ups that wouldn't otherwise be seen. anyone heading to the sierra
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for the long holiday weekend can expect smoky skies. a viewer said it was so smoky she couldn't even see the mountains. >> reporter: asking for the public's help to identify the woman behind a bu that involves a snake scam. authorities say she is hispanic, 35 to 45 years old. has a nose ring, a lip ring, and a tongue piercing. an elderly woman was approached by the suspect who told her a poisonous snake was loose in her neighborhood, then while the victim was distracted, her home was ransacked. police believe the same woman also struck in fremont over the weekend. a man from antioch who was paralyzed in an apparent road rage crash is talking for the first time about how he is doing. >> everybody out there, i just
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want to say thank you for all your support. >> reporter: the 47-year-old richard fletcher made this youtube video from his hospital in oakland. the highway patrol says fletcher was on a motorcycle on highway 24 when he was hit from behind by an angry driver. it happened two weeks ago, just after the claremont exit heading toward the caldecott tunnel. he suffered a broken spine and is paralyzed from the waist down. but his family hasn't given up hope that one day, he'll walk again. >> you never know what can happen. >> the driver accused of hitting fletcher was later shot by the chp, but survived. he has now been charged with attempted murder. getting a head start is getting harder. ktvu uncovers weeks of schooling about lost for some bay area children who need it most. a program that gives preschoolers a boost when they go back to school is the latest
10:19 pm
casualty of washington's budget battles. rob roth shows us why the cuts to head start aren't just harming young students, but parents and teachers too. >> we have to listen to our. >> momma -- >> and. >> poppa. >> reporter: the story of head start is a sad one. >> takes away good features for them. >> reporter: her 3-year-old daughter jasmine is one of the casualties. the earlier head start program that had a teacher coming to her home has now been eliminated. >> her learning skills went from low to really high. her first language is spanish. in a matter of weeks, she started picking up on a whole bunch of english words.
10:20 pm
>> reporter: they were forced to cut $1.1 million from its program this year, due to the sequester. >> devastated. i feel absolutely devastated. >> reporter: the county head start director says it's meant layoffs, and the program had to shorten the school year by 9 weeks. and these are all underprivileged children getting ready for school. >> these are the neediest families in our community. many of our families are homeless. many of the children we serve are foster children. >> reporter: the shorter year, means shorter paychecks. >> school is closing earlier, and coming back later. so i'm missing money, and i'm also a single parent. >> reporter: the cuts may not be over for head start, unless congress reaches a budget agreement, these little ones may see more of their programs eliminated come january. rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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and on we give a special back to school section. that's where you can look up school start dates, photos of our staff members, and tips of school savings. temperatures tomorrow, going to be a lot like they were today. starting to look like fall. it's going to rain in the pacific northwest, it misses us, but it keeps temperatures from getting real hot around here. tomorrow's forecast is just like today. fog forecast in the morning hours. pretty significant. a lost fog around the pay as you get going. the inland valleys, i think you'll be spared that much fog. you get the idea. fog around the bay. tomorrow, 90s inland, the but most of us will be in the 80s and 70s. back here at 10:45, i'll get specific for your neighborhood. stan jose's proposed soda
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ban is canned. the reason the proposal didn't even make it before the city council. >> 4, 3, we have ignition. >> a spy satellite goes into space. why it wasn't much of a secret.
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i have a dream. that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. i have a dream today. >> the words of dr. martin luther king jr. woven into the fabric of the american dream. 50 years later, questions still remain about how far the nation has come toward achieving a color blind society. tonight, ktvu's mike mibach reports on a claim of racial bias, when it comes to the numbers of young people being
10:25 pm
arrested in oakland. >> reporter: in west oakland, there's the sound of students. >> i have a dream. >> reporter: and the sound of king. >> little back boys, and little black girls will be available to join hands with little white boys, and little white girls. >> reporter: two oakland third graders with one principal on the importance of teaching dr. king. >> the legacy of social justice. the legacy is treating people fairly. >> reporter: at the small city park. likely to be discriminated against, and profiled by police. javontae and others talked about not being trialed fairly. about racial profiling. >> there's certainly some targeting that occurs among black youth. >> reporter: this joint report, claiming black youth made up 73% of arrests in oakland, nearly 80% of those arrested, according to the report were
10:26 pm
never prosecuted. school district spokesman, troy flint. >> it has to do with things like poverty. historical distrust of police. it has to do with broken families. inadequate support at school sites. >> reporter: the school district and oakland police say they did not racially profile when making their arrests. the chief of police said in a statement that opd is committed to practicing policing in a constitutional, and progressive manner. in oakland, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> you can listen to doctor king's entire speech, the 16 minutes long, we posted it at you can listen to the link under hot topics. a proposed ban on the sale of soda and whole milk at city run venues in san jose was shut down before it even got to the
10:27 pm
city council. it would have outlawed the sugary drinks at community parks and libraries. it was proposed to promote health. he sayswhole milk was included, because it's more fattening than skim milk. >> the advocacy for public health is never going to end. i will always advocate for healthy choices, and for healthy city ordinances. >> he added that it was a shame that the idea was barely discussed. the committee decided that san jose had too many other priorities. a threatened strike by 911 operators has apparently been averted. the union is recommending approval. the issues included forced overtime, as well as benefits
10:28 pm
and pensions. our coverage of the bay bridge closure continues next. ahead in three minutes, a live update from the toll plaza. >> this bridge leads to what could be the biggest choke point in tomorrow's commute. we'll have a live report from marin county. ♪
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back now to our coverage of the new bay bridge. it is a huge operation to close an entire bridge. news chopper 2 took this shot just after 7:45 tonight. you can see the chp created a traffic break to stop the flow of vehicles from crossing the bay bridge. the bridge was closed less than 15 minutes later. take a look at this rare sight. all the toll booths are closed.
10:31 pm
construction crews are able to move in. >> these are shots of the ferry, which is very busy during the five day closure. >> right now, we want to go to ken wayne, it talking about navigating the heavy traffic. a two lane stretch of road, we will get to the blunt of the increased traffic. let's get to ken wayne with more on the closure of the bay bridge, and the impact. >> reporter: julie, we're at the end of the richmond, san rafael bridge. i drive this bridge five times a week. you look over my shoulder, it's not bumper to bumper traffic, but at this time of night, it is busier, it's going to be a whole different situation tomorrow morning. >> reporter: this is the choke point. part of it is just one lane in each direction. during tonight's commute it was bumper to bumper as cars made their way from marin county along this narrow roadway to the san rafael bridge. >> it's probably going to be
10:32 pm
very bad. a lot of the traffic for people to have to deal with. parking's bad to begin with. >> reporter: ben is talking about the parking lot. commuters flooded into the already full lot to head home from the city. tomorrow there's a good chance many more commuters will try to park here. >> the worst part is showing up to the ferry, at the usual time. >> you can't get around. you can't do what you need to do. everything is absolutely just overloaded. >> reporter: cynthia says it's already too crowded at the shopping center across the street from the ferry. >> all the time. and there's just no opportunity for you to just relax and take it easy without somebody pushing, or shoving. >> it could go either way. >> reporter: jennifer says it could mean a boost in business at the marin brewing company, or some people will find it next to impossible to get there. >> it could scare people away,
10:33 pm
because it gets harder to get here. it gets a little conchested. >> reporter: another live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. those headlines are coming from richmond into marin county. some say they'll try to leave early to get a jump on the traffic, and those who can telecommute or work from home, say there's a pretty good chance they won't even leave the house. local transit agencies say they have expanded their options for commuters who need to get across the bay over the next five days, starting tonight. b.a.r.t. will offer 24 hour service, and longer trains. 14 b.a.r.t. stations will stay open overnight. >> reporter: for some toll takers, the bridge closure brings an unpaid break from work. those who aren't assigned to other work, or who don't take paid leave will not be paid
10:34 pm
during the closure. the toll authority says the new span will come with upgrades to the toll taking system. however, they say there are no current plans to create an all electronic toll system, similar to the one used on the golden gate bridge. and this is old video. check this out, as the bay bridge was being built. they broke ground on july 9, 1933. the bridge was completed in just over three years, and opened to the public in november of 1936. and just go to for everything you need to know about the bay bridge closure. we have a special section dedicated to the project. just look under hot topics. a rare death sentence against the army major convicted in a deadly sentence at fort hood. he had admitted to the attack that also injured 32 people.
10:35 pm
a jury made up of senior military officers took two hours to decide, he should be executed. >> this has been a very long and exhausting process. we are tired, we are hurt, but we are resolved. justice has been served. >> hassan could become the first american soldier executed since 1961. the military requires a lengthy appeals process that can take years. a massive rocket, in fact, the largest ever at vandenberg air force base was launched into space today. >> 4, 3, we have ignition of the rs68 engines. >> the delta rocket carried a secret spy satellite, but the launch was no secret. it was seen for miles. the delta 4 is 23 stories tall. the last time one of them lifted off from vannedberg was
10:36 pm
from 2011. this time, the three main engines were ignited one after the other to lesson the impact. >> when temperatures could climb back into the 90s, and the outlook for your holiday weekend. >> only on 2, from vandalism to vicious attack? >> broke my nose. >> why he says taggers put down their spray paint and went after him. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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more now on tonight's bay bridge closure. for many people, today was a last chance to drive into history. a ktvu viewer gave us this video. she's been driving across the bridge twice a day for more than two decades. but this trip this afternoon was her last across the old eastern span. now to the south bay where police say they've been waging war on taggers. the problem isn't new, but it's not a victimless crime. only on 2, jeanine spoke with a disabled veteran who was beaten, and hospitalized after confronting taggers. it was one month ago today that mike logan was left beaten, and laid unconscious after beaten in his neighborhood. he heard a crash like sound in the middle of the night.
10:40 pm
when he walked toward the pedestrian bridge over highway 85, he spotted six men with spray paint cans, dropping them on cars. >> i say them throwing paint cans, so i yelled at them to stop. >> reporter: he says the group started swinging and kicking at him, causing his brain to swell. >> broke my nose, dislocated my jaw. shoulder, elbow, ribs. >> reporter: the case highlights why law enforcement agencies are focusing efforts on catching taggers. >> we need to be vigilant in trying to apprehend these folks in the act. >> reporter: the california highway patrol has also noticed an increase, and the agency has started a new task force that patrols overnight, specifically looking for taggers. >> we've arrested seven of them. i guarantee you, more than seven know we're looking for
10:41 pm
them now. >> reporter: the dea expects all will face felony charges. even graffiti sketches on note pads found on the offenders. >> we've been able to get some of the suspects to admit to spray painting the walls. >> reporter: he says a suspect has been arrested in logan's case, and faces a charge with assault with a deadly weapon. logan who was in the army special forces is hoping all will be caught. >> they hurt me. they didn't beat me. they beat me, they didn't win. >> reporter: logan isn't afraid to walk the bridge where he was beaten. he wants his attackers to know, he and others are watching for them. ktvu, channel 2 news. 19 suspected gang members are off the streets of richmond, thanks to operation exodus. richmond police, the contra costa county d.a.'s office, and
10:42 pm
drug enforcement agencies all teamed up to take down deep sea. police recovered 17 handguns, including one that they say was used in a shooting on interstate 80. pro palestinian protests that included mock israeli checkpoints did not include harassment, that is the finding from the department of corrections. the complaint said the defensement of a sign belonging to a jewish group created a hostile environment, and the university didn't do enough to respond to the incident. president obama says he still hasn't decided whether to order a military strike on syria, in response to the chemical attack there. the president told pbs news hour, he is sure the syrian government is responsible. the president says the military
10:43 pm
has given him options and he stressed, he doesn't want an open ended conflict. >> we do have to make sure in a when countries break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that can harm us, they are held accountable. >> united nations inspectioners are in syria, but have not confirmed the allegations. serious questions tonight, regarding yesterday's devastating fire in fairfield. residents want to know if firefighters did all they could to save houses. a live report, right after the break. >> and will it be barbeque weather this holiday weekend? bill martin has your complete bay area forecast, including the labor day outlook. >> and a live look at the empty bay bridge toll plaza, and all the work that is already underway. they are on a tight schedule. that bridge is going to be closed for five days. caltran prepares for the historic opening of the new eastern span. people go to a mattress store and essentially they just get sold something.
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people who's homes were lost or damaged during that seven alarm fire are cleaning up tonight. they're also asking questions about how to prevent this type of thing from happening again. amber lee tells us how city leaders plan to address those concerns. >> reporter: frank, police have put up these barricades to keep out people who don't live here. volunteers were here to hand out these flyers. to let residents know there will be a community meeting tomorrow. volunteers went door-to-door, letting residents know what services are available. this homeowner wants them to do something about the dry vegetation along interstate 80 that fueled the fire. the owner of this home, which was destroyed also has questions. >> i think they could have
10:47 pm
saved my house. honestly. i think they could have saved my house, they just didn't. >> reporter: martin lawler says he doesn't want to point fingers, but he lost everything. he watched his home burned to the ground. >> there was a truss that pulled up next to my house. i thought, great, they're going to put out the fire in my house, and then they drove off. >> reporter: the incident commander tells me it came down to making a quick tough decision. >> we've got to put five on that house, or five spread out to save five other houses, and that house is already burning, we may not make a difference in saving that house. >> reporter: the first report came in at 3:38. when he was in route, he saw fire coming from a residential area. so he sent the crew there. when that one engine arrived, ten homes were already burning. >> throbbinged like a war zone in how fast it was -- it looked
10:48 pm
like a war zone, in how fast it was spreading. >> reporter: as the city manager and others toured the area this afternoon, we asked about neighbor's claims that the city is partially to blame for not maintaining the dry vegetation. >> i've heard that, and we're investigating that. >> reporter: residents will have a chance to ask city leaders questions at the community leading scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10:00 here on marigold drive. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. another really nice day around here. today, yesterday, very nice, and tomorrow looks like it's going to be the same. these are the numbers from today. 88 in antioch. those will turn into 90s tomorrow, but low 90s, not going to go mid-the 0s. 82 in santa rosa. around the coast, mid-60s. temperatures are in the 60s throughout much of the bay area. this is the one keeping us from getting real hot around here.
10:49 pm
also helping with the fire danger. when it sits out here, it's tough to get the big temperatures. although on friday, this thing nudges a little bit this way. high pressure builds in. by friday, temperatures in the inland bay, mid-90s. fog forecast for the morning hours, there it is, you see it burn back. thosey your 90s in the inland bay valleys. as we go into the forecast for tomorrow, 56 in santa rosa. look at fremont, and livermore. those are the 60sment tomorrow morning, going to school or work, it's kind of mild. you start out at 62. it's easier to have a warmer day tomorrow. it's going to be easy to get to 92 in antioch. tomorrow, 91. the high pressure is building this way tomorrow, and further on friday. that's why the warmth will be there. fog will stay along the coast, and you've got a classic kind of late summer weather pattern that's going to stick with us through friday. by the weekend, things change
10:50 pm
around. 89 in clear lake. 80 in vallejo. these are forecast highs for thursday. it has been nasty. reno, lake tahoe, if you know people that have been up there, it's been bad. our air quality today was outstanding, and it will be tomorrow. friday we'll be warmer. here's the five-day forecast. tomorrow nice a lot like today. almost exactly. friday, i think you'll notice more warmth, especially in the interbay, and then the inland bay valleys. you'll just notice when it goes from 84, 85, you'll notice that. saturday and sunday, cooler clouds getting in here on sunday. may be showers to the north of the bay area. the impact on us for the holiday weekend, lower daytime high. it's going to trend cooler as we head into labor day. the temperatures, hit the high
10:51 pm
end. livermore valley, 82 degrees. the barbeques that you're thinking for the labor day weekend on monday may not happen. it's going to be chilly. >> interesting. >> thanks bill. if the a's could just keep doing what they're doing today, they'd be in really good shape. it wasn't just a good day, it was a great day. >> it could bode well for october. no mas. that's what the tigers were screaming. somebody is going to have to pay. they have torched the tigers pitching staff in three straight now. really lopsided tonight. 21 hits, 14 runs. 3-1 lead in the 5th. brandon moss just gets started. over the glove of austin jackson. all moss, all the time. in this one. so why not show you his feet? 6th inning, man on, he just clop clubs one -- clubs one for the distance. he had a single, a double,
10:52 pm
here's his second home run. 6 rbi's, polishing off a night with his 24th homer. a's go for the series sweep tomorrow. still 2.5 back in the al west. the giants looked as though they were punching a clock at a job they didn't care much about. colorado didn't even have a hit until the 7th inning. matt giving up a bloop. a 2-1 lead for the rockies. the bullpen lets it get away. giving up a bases loaded double to former giant, torrealba. the giants finally wake up in the top of the 8th inning, put a little rally together. 5-4 is as close as they would get. they lose 2 out of 3 to the
10:53 pm
rockies. there's a new kid in town worth her weight in gold for the cal swim team. meet olympic champ missy franklin, and hear why she decided to come to cal. sports part 2, next.
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vip on the cal campus today, but not a visiter. missy franklin is a full fledged bear. going to be burning up the pool in berkely for her college career. her first day as a freshman. different than the norm. most opportunities probably didn't have a press conference. she gave the answer to why berkely. >> it's probably the most unique environment i've ever been in. there's really nowhere else like it, and it's so much fun. you just sort of get used to seeing the fun, quirky people on the sidewalk. i think that's what i love so much about it. i came here and it was totally unique, totally crazy, and i love it. meantime, you could call it a slap on the wrist, but more than likely, the ncaa had very little evidence against johnny football. they realized there was a huge outcry. they just didn't figure it was worth it. arguably, the most exciting
10:57 pm
player in football, and last year's heisman trophy winner, johnny manziel allegedly was paid for signing autographs. that's what the big fuss is about. his punishment comes down to this. suspended for the 1st half of the texas a&m opener this saturday against rice. the 1st half, college football needs this guy. wisely, they weren't about to blow it out of proportion. that's the sporting life for a wednesday night. don't get me started on how college football players deserve to get a little something. >> he's like the college version of kaepernick though. >> kind of. >> just a real exciting player. >> don't know if his game will translate to the pros. but he's exciting to watch. >> thank you. >> thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning team will be keeping an eye on the bridge construction going on right now, in preparation for that opening of the new span, and we're always there for you at
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n can i help you? we'd like some wedding invitations. oh. well, congratulations! thanks. yeah, thank you. when's the wedding? june. late june. well, we have quite a few to pick from. they're arranged in order of price. the most expensive are in the front. what about this one? frankly, they haven't manufactured that one for a number of years. i might have some boxes left in our new jersey warehouse. i'd have to check. we want these. why don't they make them anymore? well, for one thing, the glue isn't very adhesive. it takes a lot of moisture to make them stick.

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